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    OB Pre-Registration

    Are you delivering your baby at Sutter Tracy Community Hospital? If so, we ask that you pre-register during your second trimester. This way, we can anticipate your arrival and quickly admit you when you are in active labor.

    Remember to provide your email address on the form so we can send a confirmation. Alternately, you can mail in the form provided by your obstetrician and we will send you a postcard confirmation by mail.

    Many insurance companies require pre-certification for hospital admissions. Please check with your insurance carrier. Failure to obtain pre-certification may result in your insurance company reducing the benefit paid - in other words, making you responsible for a greater portion of your hospital bill.

    Upon receipt of your pre-registration form, we will verify your insurance coverage and, if necessary, contact you to arrange for a deposit. Should you have any questions, please call our Admitting Department at 209-832-6031.

    We look forward to caring for you!