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    Sutter Tracy Diagnostic Imaging Department

    Exterior photo of Sutter Tracy Imaging Center

    In 2004, the hospital opened the state-of-the-art Sutter Tracy Imaging Center (STIC). The totally computerized facility features the latest and most advanced diagnostic imaging techniques available. It is also the only fully digital imaging center of its kind in the area, with more than $1.5 million of digital mammography, X-ray and high tech imaging equipment. The center’s services are in addition to those available through the hospital’s Imaging Department.

    Digital imaging offers many advantages over traditional film-based imaging, including sharper images, greater flexibility and faster service. Large sheets of film previously read on “light boxes” have been replaced by high quality digital images that can be viewed on a computer monitor. Radiologists can enlarge the digital images, adjust the contrast and use many other enhancement tools to get a better look at the inside of the body.

    Various photos at Sutter Tracy Imaging Center

    Address and Contact

    • Sutter Tracy Imaging Center
      1530 N. Bessie Ave. Suite 109
      Tracy, CA 95376
    • Phone: 209-832-6022
    • Fax: 209-832-6024

    Diagnostic Services

    STIC and the hospital’s Imaging Department are staffed by board certified radiologists and certified technologists who provide a wide array of diagnostic services, including:

    • Bone mineral density testing
    • Digital, multislice computerized tomography (CT) scans
    • Digital mammography with Computer Aided Detection (CAD) Software
    • Digital X-ray
    • Non-invasive vascular testing
    • Nuclear Medicine
    • Closed and open magnetic resonance imaging (MRI)
    • Sentinel node biopsy
    • Stereotactic breast biopsy
    • Ultrasound

    New tools to fight breast cancer

    STIC has some of the best diagnostic tools around for detecting breast cancer in its early stages, when the disease is easier to treat. It is also one of the few places in the San Joaquin Valley to offer stereotactic breast biopsy, sentinel node biopsy, and digital mammography with Computer Aided Detection (CAD) software.

    Another first for Sutter Tracy

    Both STIC and the hospital’s Imaging Department use digital imaging and the cutting edge Picture Archive & Communication System (PACS). Sutter Tracy is the first facility in the area to use this high tech system. The robust PACS computer network can store countless digital images and distribute them instantly through a powerful, secure Web server. Images can be retrieved electronically and viewed by health care providers involved in a patient’s care. Physicians in different locations can use PACS to consult with one another in real time and provide faster diagnoses and better care. PACS also eliminates the need to file bulky films and prevents delays caused by lost or misplaced films.