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    Frequently Asked Questions about
    Cost and Quality


    There are so many quality measures out there. What’s really important and where can I find out more information about a hospital’s quality scores?

    Federal and state agencies as well as other trusted organizations have chosen to track “quality indicators” — measurements of high-quality medical care for certain common or most costly conditions. These sources gauge whether hospitals like ours give important, recommended medical treatments to achieve the best results for patients. Here we highlight a few respected independent sites that use nationally accepted data-collection and measurement standards.

    We strive to deliver the most advanced, effective and safe care — in a way that is personalized to meet each patient's individual needs and preferences.

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    How can I find out the actual out-of-pocket cost for a certain procedure?

    We post detailed price lists for procedures within our hospital admitting areas, including the Emergency Department. You may request this information in person or call our Admitting Department at 209-832-6031.

    Whether you contemplate a physician office visit or anticipate a hospital admission, staff throughout our Sutter Health network can help provide a general estimate of your total cost of care. Please keep in mind that it is impossible to know in advance what your total course of treatment will involve – what specific procedures, supplies or tests might be needed, or – in the case of a hospital stay – how long you might remain in the hospital.

    At Sutter Tracy Community Hospital, we strive to provide you with the safest, highest quality and most accessible care — while doing our part to make sure our services are affordable. In other words, we commit to providing great value.

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    Since specific service costs seem vary so greatly from one organization to the next, what should I consider if I want to keep my costs down?

    Consider receiving care from an integrated network of doctors, hospitals and other health care service providers. Although some people measure the cost of care solely in terms of a single specific service, we believe it’s important to consider your total cost of care. When doctors and hospitals work together in the same organization — like our Sutter Health network — it helps them develop best care practices and reduce unnecessary duplication of services, while also providing seamless access and treatment for patients. Respected academic research shows we provide high-value care.

    You can also help keep your health care costs down by staying healthy. You can't control heredity, but you can make healthy choices to help offset your individual risk factors. Eat healthy foods; exercise; take advantage of preventive screenings, check-ups and online information; and, when you visit your doctor, go prepared with a list of specific questions. Our doctors and other health professionals want to provide you with the kind of personalized care that helps you achieve your health goals and better medical outcomes.

    Read more about our network’s quality leadership, community commitments and how we’re making health care more affordable for patients like you.

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