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    Standards of Excellence

    The Standards of Excellence describe the desired behaviors we strive for as an organization.


    • I will minimize waste of time and supplies to help contain costs.
    • I will be flexible in adapting and responding to customer needs.
    • I will take pride in the facility and maintain the cleanliness of my work environment.
    • I will adhere to all hospital-wide and department-specific dress codes.
    • I will maintain a positive, calm, and professional attitude when interacting with others.
    • I will treat each individual with courtesy, respect, and sensitivity.
    • I will refrain from participating in gossip that could affect customer or employee relations, and or workplace morale.


    • I will demonstrate unselfishness while working with others toward our common mission, vision, and values.
    • I will treat each individual as a professional and recognize that we each have an area of expertise.
    • I will be patient, tolerant and understanding when working with other staff or departments, to ensure that our patients have a smooth transition through the care process.
    • I will be an effective team member by being accountable for assigned duties, showing cooperation, being responsible, reliable and dependable.
    • I will do my best to avoid last minute requests by considering the priorities of others in addition to my own.

    Knowledge & Competence

    • I will comprehend and follow instructions, perform varied tasks, and maintain an appropriate work pace to meet my job expectations.
    • I will maintain all required licensure and certifications to remain competent to do my job.
    • I will complete all mandatory classes and attend all staff meetings, while making every effort to be on time.
    • I will participate in professional growth opportunities to enhance my job performance.
    • I will share my skills and professional knowledge with others to enhance the quality of services provided.
    • I will adhere to all STCH organizational and departmental policies, procedures, and accreditation standards.
    • Communication
    • I will listen courteously to the customer without interruption, answer all questions directed to me, or find someone who can. When possible, I will follow-up to ensure the issue was resolved.
    • I will be mindful that I work in a healthcare environment, and will keep the noise level down.
    • I will show respect by introducing myself by name, department or job function. I will use “please” and “thank you” when interacting with others.
    • I will communicate clearly with others in order to meet their needs, providing information in easily understood language, or with the aid of available communication tools.
    • I will give positive recognition in public. I will coach in private. I will not blame, show disrespect, or embarrass anyone in the presence of others.
    • I will communicate confidential information by discussing it only with appropriate parties.

    Safety Awareness

    Safety Always First. Every time!

    • I will value my own safety and that of others.
    • I will know how to properly operate applicable equipment and machinery. When in doubt, I will ask and not take unnecessary chances.
    • I will accurately report all accidents and injuries, and complete the required paperwork, as outlined in the employee handbook.
    • I will be aware of potential safety and chemical hazards hospital-wide, and report them immediately.
    • I will prevent back injuries from lifting, pushing, pulling or carrying, by utilizing available equipment, getting help, and assisting others who need help.
    • I will properly place and store equipment to prevent slips, trips, and falls.
    • I will adhere to all infection control policies (especially hand washing), follow isolation precautions, and use personal protective equipment when needed.
    • I will be prepared for emergencies by knowing the correct actions to take for all codes.